What we do

PSG strives to support all parents through challenging times. To this end we aim to provide the best possible services.


Often the first place to find out more about what PSG can offer.

We will listen, offer support and provide information and advice if appropriate.

Alternatively you can send us a message via our ‘Contact Us’ page.



The first meeting is an assessment. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions about how we practice for you to be quite comfortable as to what is involved in counselling and, usually, for you to meet your counsellor. In turn, your counsellor will take a few, necessary details from you and be sure that counselling is the best service to meet your current needs.



The drop-in is an informal and friendly environment, it's an opportunity to share experiences, give and get tips have a chat and feel supported.


It's also a way to other PSG events.


Residential workshops

Are a weekend in the Cotswolds with workshops, healthy eating, beautiful surroundings and excellent company.


‘It is my own quality time to enjoy nature, wildlife and animals, which is not an experience that happens on a normal day. These simple things take me out of the depths of my misery and make me smile.’



A Buddy is a parent who is acting as a non-professional to offer support; they are someone to talk things over with in a relaxed and friendly way.



make the pieces fit


It's a space to give you some time